For this new TMC in the cold of the upper Loire (-8 degrees in the mornings …), Svetlan Zigic, Antoine Bourg, and Malone Occaso have experienced mixed success throughout the weekend.

The big tournament for Svetlan, who finished 4th in the tournament, after three wins at 15, 15 and 5/6. But who loses in the semifinals to 5 and in the small final to 5 also.

A good tournament also for Antoine, who despite his defeat in the first round against the future winner of the tournament (5/6), wins at 15, 15/1 and 15/1, then loses to finish at 15.

Finally an average tournament in the results but interesting when the progress over games for Malone (15/1), which begins with a win at 15/1 then loses his other three games at 15 and 15/1.